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The sins of our fathers

I was presented with the question: “Is the U.S. doomed to follow the ‘sins of its fathers?’” Yes, I think we are doomed to repeat the sins of our fathers, because we are made of the same stuff. The prophet … Continue reading

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The parable of the tool

Luke 15:8-10 Two summers ago I was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I often bring some of my own tools with me, and on this occasion I brought a battery-powered impact driver. I must have been pretty tired at the … Continue reading

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Heaven v. Retirement

All Saints Sunday 2012 Pastor Maria was supply pastor this morning. She is a hospice chaplain and when she talks about the departed saints in Christ, there is a special concreteness about a topic often discussed in platitudes. She talked … Continue reading

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Mark of the Beast discovered

And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no … Continue reading

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The Saint Lays Dying

The winds of change are blowing raw And the Saint lays dying. Fear and uncertainty twists our bowels And the Saint lays dying. “Have no anxiety about tomorrow,” coached our Master. But the wind is raw, Bad change is coming, … Continue reading

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First International Conference on Sexuality

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to take a historical perspective and to recall the very first conference on sexuality. Minutes of the First International Conference on Sexuality [Editors note: Some of the early parts of this transcript have been … Continue reading

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“A revelation should be revealing,” Martin Luther. The New Testament book of Revelation (or Apocalypse) is viewed in different ways: Hands Off Some folks don’t think much of  Revelation. It’s either too obscure or too bizarre to be worth the … Continue reading

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Left Behind?

Left Behind™: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins The volume appeared in our church library, so I checked it out. Some Christians read the Book of Revelation (from the Bible) as a … Continue reading

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Law and Sanctification

This is an article about the relationship between Law and Sanctification. Because I write frequently on the topic of Grace (that oft-misunderstood subject) I get quite a lot of e-mail from folks stressing the importance of law, obedience, good works … Continue reading

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Jesus Seminar (2)

Someone wrote to me: I will take only a few presuppositions of the Jesus Seminar because a posting going through every presupposition would be much too large for this or any newsgroup; The Jesus Seminar based its examination on the … Continue reading

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