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The Fundamental Flaw in Christianity

Forgive me Father. It has been 14 years since my last confession. It seems to me that the fundamental flaw in Christianity is Christians, and particular a lack of humility in them (and as a Christian, when I point a … Continue reading

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The Sons of Light

I have two scriptures in mind of late. The first is Jesus’ parable of the crooked manager in Luke Chapter 16. The moral of that story is in verse 8 And his master praised the unrighteous manager because he had … Continue reading

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The sins of our fathers

I was presented with the question: “Is the U.S. doomed to follow the ‘sins of its fathers?’” Yes, I think we are doomed to repeat the sins of our fathers, because we are made of the same stuff. The prophet … Continue reading

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The Letter Kills

Why literal-mindedness is the greatest threat to Christianity in the world today. Continue reading

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Luther and the Jews

I guess everybody has heard of Martin Luther, the 16th German Christian reformer who may be credited with starting the Protestant Reformation and loosing the Roman Catholic Church’s hegemony in Europe. Better-informed folks will know that Luther made an important … Continue reading

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The Verdict? A Reply to Josh McDowell

I had been avoiding reading Josh McDowell’s Book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith, largely out of prejudice. I was pretty sure that what McDowell was trying to do was impossible, and that his book … Continue reading

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Was Hitler a Christian?

“Christianity is an invention of sick brains,” Adolf Hitler, 13 December 1941. “So it’s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death,” Adolf Hitler, 14 … Continue reading

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God will preserve his Word: The KJV Only controversy

Why has a Bible translation, wonderful in its day but now rather out of date, become the only real Word of God for many and why do some demonize all modern translations? The King James Only movement (perhaps next to Creation Science) is one of the biggest purveyors of misinformation from those who call themselves Christian. Continue reading

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