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Jesus Seminar (2)

Someone wrote to me: I will take only a few presuppositions of the Jesus Seminar because a posting going through every presupposition would be much too large for this or any newsgroup; The Jesus Seminar based its examination on the … Continue reading

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The Letter Kills

Why literal-mindedness is the greatest threat to Christianity in the world today. Continue reading

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This a topic about which I have written much both on USENET, mailing lists and IRC. It is a difficult topic to discuss because those with whom I’ve discussed it had strong opinions which were not really open to change. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know When Jesus is Coming, but Neither Do You

A few years ago I was pedaling my bicycle down a back road when a woman driving an old station wagon full of kids pulled up beside me, matched my speed, rolled down the window and shouted, “Do you know … Continue reading

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In 1997-98 the Lutheran Church (ELCA), the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the Reformed Church (RCA) and the United Church of Christ (UCC) all approved resolutions aimed at mutual recognition and unity. When proposals of this importance are made, there are arguments … Continue reading

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A Historical Approach to Jesus

In the context of criticism of the Jesus Seminar, it has been claimed that the actual Gospel accounts are of high reliability, and further that no Christian who reveres Christ would dare “make anything up”. Such a view is a … Continue reading

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The Historical Jesus vs. the Christ of Faith

I’m a practicing Christian, and that means that I go to church and I participate in ritual actions and I speak ritual phrases. We have a canon of scripture and a body of doctrine. The Bible which we hold sacred … Continue reading

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The New International Version of the Bible

The NIV is a Bible translation first published in 1978 by the International Bible Society coming out of work started by the National Association of Evangelicals. If you wish to learn more about this version from the publisher’s viewpoint, this … Continue reading

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Authentic Sayings of Jesus

Matthew 5:17-20 Why do I consider Matthew 5:17-20 inauthentic? (Mat 5:17-20 NRSV) “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. {18} For truly I tell … Continue reading

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Why have you forsaken me?

A discussion of Mark 15:34 and Psalm 22. This article was originally written in reply to a particular person, but it has general application to the critics of Christianity who read the saying of Jesus from the cross, “My God, … Continue reading

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