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Jesus was a leftist?

I will confess that I was a little fuzzy about the definitions of “liberal,” “progressive,” and “leftist” so I ask Perplexity (an AI) and it explained: The terms “liberal,” “progressive,” and “leftist” represent distinct political identities and ideologies, though they … Continue reading

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The Sons of Light

I have two scriptures in mind of late. The first is Jesus’ parable of the crooked manager in Luke Chapter 16. The moral of that story is in verse 8 And his master praised the unrighteous manager because he had … Continue reading

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The parable of the tool

Luke 15:8-10 Two summers ago I was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I often bring some of my own tools with me, and on this occasion I brought a battery-powered impact driver. I must have been pretty tired at the … Continue reading

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