The truth will set you free

I’m going to use some blunt language in this article. I think that some in the religious right are doing Satan’s work. These are morally upright, churchgoing people who have been tricked into abandoning the message of Jesus. Instead of quoting Jesus, they quote untrue and hurtful thing they find on the Internet. The Evil One is always described as clever and seductive, from the serpent in the Garden of Eden to Satan who tempted Jesus. Only a fool thinks that they can match wits with the Devil and come out on top. Jesus defeats Satan with scripture.

Immigration is a big topic these days. A week ago tomorrow some guy shot up a night club in Orlando and killed 49 people. Even though the fellow was born in the USA, the response of some is to ban refugees from Syria from obtaining homes in the US. That’s Satan talking through the manipulation of fear. If we were listening to Jesus, we would be looking at how we treat “the least of these.”

Today in 2016 in the midst of a particularly nasty political campaign, the political smear is the visible hand of Satan. Over half of the sayings I see shared on Facebook are misleading or false, and the Christians among my friends are the WORST offenders.

I do not allow Fox News Channel in my house; the channel is blocked on my TV. I do this because it is Satan’s channel. The biography of Roger Ailes, The Loudest Voice in the Room, describes the Fox News policy on climate change. They will not allow a story on climate change to appear without it being criticized or dismissed afterwards. Even though 99% of the world’s climate scientists conclude that climate change due to human activity is real, Fox News viewers don’t think so, and what is even more scary 66% of the members of Congress don’t think so. Many legislators at the state level are bought and paid for by various special interests. That’s the Satan work destroying the world our children will have to survive in.

I plead with you the reader to read what Jesus said for yourself. Satan is the father of lies. Don’t carry his water.

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